Friday, June 21, 2002
They were probably jealous of the Taliban

Drudge provided a link to this WaPo brief item about how some religious right-wing types are upset (sob! Poor babies) about the Department of Justice having an internal homo pride event.

"After all the work we did to stand up to the liberal mudslinging during Ashcroft's confirmation fight, this is what we get?" asked Robert Knight of the family institute. "I have to ask: Why is Mr. Ashcroft, a committed Christian, using his official capacity to celebrate sin?"

Oh, maybe because in the governance of this country, unlike the governments those who are trying to kill us would put into place, we don't impose our personal religious beliefs on others when we get power. Not even by Ashcroft, who is often taken by many on the loony left to be the big scary monster who would take away the right to privacy and replace it with mandatory Christian worship.