Wednesday, June 05, 2002
Fullness of the glass depends on your editor, your reporters, and your headline writer. A brief case study.


  • Headline: "'90s Boom Had Broad Impact"
  • Subhead: "2000 Census Cites Income Growth Among Poor, Upper Middle Class"
  • Lead paragraph:"The economic boom of the 1990s raised the incomes of the poorest Americans, held the size of the middle class steady and swelled the ranks of those with six-digit incomes,according to census data released yesterday."
  • Link: Here.


  • Headline: "Gains of 90's Did Not Lift All, Census Shows"
  • Lead paragraph: "Despite the surging economy of the 1990's that brought affluence to many Americans, the poor remained entrenched, the Census Bureau reported today. The bureau's statistics for the 50 states and the District of Columbia show that 9.2 percent of families were deemed poor in 2000, a slight improvement from 10 percent in 1989."
  • Link to story: Here.