Monday, May 27, 2002
TAPPED on Wellstone. TAPPED in another entry (here) gets itself into a lather because those looney Greens are going to run someone against Paul Wellstone. TAPPED calls Wellstone, "the outspoken progressive upon whom so much of America depends to speak truth to power."

Give me a break. Wellstone is better described as among the last vestiges of the McGovern crowd. Self-righteous, rarely willing to ascribe honorable intent to the other side, seemingly unaware of the concept of "loyal opposition", never having met a government program that he didn't like, Wellstone and his ilk are among the reasons that Democrats have, excepting Clinton, done lousily in national elections in the last several decades.

I'd certainly be happier to hear that powers that be in the Democratic Farmer Labor party in Minnesota had found someone of substance to run against and defeat Wellstone in a primary, but if Wellstone can't hold his own against the looney left of the Greens, does he really deserve to win election to the senate?