Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Sullivan and the HRC. In his gay marriage post (discussed below), Andrew Sullivan once again disses the Human Rights Campaign. My impression, from previous posts of his, is that he thinks the HRC is some kind of way left-wing organization. Sorry, Andrew, but the way-left group is (or, at least, used to be) the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. At least way left compared to the HRC. (Note, though, that among the NGLTF site's first links is this one on gay marriage, although the focus is more on the states that have passed anti-gay-marriage laws than on efforts to get laws passed supporting gay marriage.)

Anyway, back to the HRC.... They've always struck me as a rather mainstream liberal political organization, from the refusal to get the "gay" word into their name to their almost unwavering support of Democratic candidates. Seeing that it's really absurd to characterize the contemporary Democratic party as some kind of far-left quasi-Marxist organization, I don't quite understand Sullivan's gripes with the HRC as if they're that kind of group. Doctrinaire, in ass deep with the Democrats along the same lines as organized labor (AFL-CIO here; Teamsters here, not that the Teamsters are as ass deep as the AFL-CIO) and NOW, sure, but not exactly a division of the People's Liberation Army.