Saturday, May 25, 2002
A lawsuit waiting to happen? This story in the Commercial Appeal tells how the Memphis police have asked Christian ministers to come an proselytize folks coming to the Tyson-Lewis fight.

Dressed in neon-green T-shirts that proclaim "Jesus Christ is the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world," members of the Memphis Ten Point Coalition say they will be ready for a spiritual battle.

"They (fight fans) are coming to be entertained and are looking to fill a void," said Rev. Randolph Chappell, vice president of the Memphis Ten Point Coalition. "We will show them it can be filled by the Father, God, through His Son, Jesus Christ."

Memphis Police Director Walter Crews asked the coalition to preach the gospel outside of clubs and The Pyramid as a crime-prevention measure.

Crews wants the ministers to help make the environment less inviting for violence. The ministers want to save souls.

I'm no constitutional lawyer, but this looks face-value unconstitutional to me. It pretty obviously shows preference by the MPD towards certain Christian sects over other Christian sects, other religions, and non-religious civil organizations. Doesn't that violate the Establishment clause?