Friday, May 24, 2002
The Commercial Appeal post from yesterday. While trying to fix broken links, I deleted this post. What follows is a repost.

No income tax for Tennessee. According to this story in The Memphis Commercial Appeal ("more commercial than appealing"), the proposed income tax for Tennessee failed to pass the Tennessee house.

My brother back home in Tennessee says there's too much waste and abuse in the various state agencies to justify the current budgets; that those budgets could be cut sufficiently without having to raise new revenues or change the revenue streams. When I lived in Memphis, less than two years ago, I didn't see that.

What I was terribly aware of was the need for more funding for education in Tennessee. I know everyone can't be above the 50th-percentile, but Tennessee ought to compete in the marketplace of secondary education, ought to have leading schools and a well-educated population.

Of course, here I am in Volusia County, where the primary employers are food and lodging establishments that don't demand their employees be that well educated. Frying pan to fire?

The political machinations described in the story are ugly. Tennesse politics as usual, but ugly nonetheless.

Now, since Blogger seems to be one post behind, I'll have to post something that no one else can see.